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Give Your Front Door a Dose of Fresh Color

Spring Inspiration: Refreshing your door with a glossy new coat of paint is a quick way to make a lasting first impression.

Colorful front door

A Case for Contrast

Most exterior paint colors and materials lean toward neutral shades, so a colorful front door is a chance to express your personal style through a central exterior architectural feature. Adding a statement color to the front door is also an easy way to uplift the façade of a home while complementing the architecture and surrounding landscape.

Warm Welcome

Hot shots of red, yellow or orange are naturally warm and exuberant. Vivid accent colors make a strong design statement but mix surprisingly well with most other shades, especially the neutrals most often used as the primary color of a house.

Stay Cool

Green, gray and blue doors are a naturally gracious expression for the entrance to your home, especially when they contrast with a house’s warm undertones. For impact, search for saturated colors that will pop from surrounding architecture.

Notes on Harmony

Take your color cues from inside the house to pick a paint color you’ll love. Think about the colors of the space your door will open into. Pull a strong accent color from those spaces for color continuity or choose a more saturated shade of a primary interior color.

Sustaining your front door’s depth of color is achievable with Aura Grand Entrance paint from Benjamin Moore. As durable as it is beautiful, this paint is specially formulated to retain color and gloss, whatever the weather.


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