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Tricks to Decorating a Small Room

When decorating a particularly small room, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or charm. You can still establish a chic room design with all of your favorite furniture and accessories. You just have to keep a few decorating tips in mind.

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The entryway

Mirrors are the best way to go when trying to open up your entryway. The light reflecting throughout the small space adds more depth and dimension. HGTV suggested including a few knickknacks and visually stimulating accessories on your entryway table as well. Designer Alan Tanksley pointed out that the eye needs a place to rest when it enters a room. A collection of small accessories not only makes the room more interesting but it also creates a focal point for the area and distracts from its size.

The living room

The living area is an important space in a home design, as this is where you entertain your guests . Make sure that your furniture and accent pieces complement one another and make the space feel whole without cluttering the area. According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, one way to do this is by balancing out your exposed-leg furniture with your sofas. Wooden-leg chairs are an effective way to open up the space, but it’s important to include a sofa for grounding.

One long-held belief on decorating a small living room is to avoid patterns. It’s also commonly suggested that you paint the room white to avoid a chaotic or busy appearance. However, HGTV recommends that homeowners break this age-old rule. A white room can make the space’s small size more obvious. Interior designer April Sheldon told HGTV that bold patterns distract from the size of the room and increase its visual appeal. Richly patterned carpets can also work wonders in a small space to add a rich, beautiful foundation that makes a small space that much more stylish.

The bedroom

In a small bedroom, Better Homes and Gardens suggests replacing large dressers with storage under your bed. Rounded bedroom furniture, like a circular or half-moon bedside table allow more space to move around as well.

House Beautiful magazine advised using a single, soft color throughout the bedroom that makes your personal space flow. This will also encourage the eyes to move toward the windows and the natural light, which makes the area brighter and more energetic. Handcrafted hardwood flooring also reflects the natural lighting and makes the bedroom more radiant.

Source: Shaw Floors


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