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5 Things You Should Never Keep In a Storage Unit

Whenever you find yourself in need of a little extra space around the house or a place to keep some seasonal decorations, you can always rely on your personal storage unit. While this level of flexibility is often one of the key draws of renting a personal storage unit, there are a few things you should always avoid storing inside of them.

1. Combustible or flammable materials

These items are considered to be “inherently dangerous” and are usually prohibited from most storage facilities.

2. Unregistered vehicles

One thing you’ll want to take note of is whether or not stored vehicles in your state require their registration to be up-to-date. When an unregistered vehicle is kept in public storage facility, some states will classify this as an abandoned vehicle.

3. Scented candles and soaps

Items with a strong scent can be stored, but often also attract vermin such as rats and mice. Aside from scented candles and soaps, anything with a strong scent, like makeup, perfume, lotion, etc., should also be stored with caution.

4. Medical supplies

While seemingly innocuous in nature, you should always proceed with caution when looking to store medical supplies and equipment. Many of these items contain radioactive material that cannot be legally stored within a self-storage facility.

5. Firearms and ammunition

Many self-storage facilities prohibit the storage of firearms. Ammunition cannot be stored in a storage unit, regardless of whether or not it is stored with or without firearms. Ammunition, much like other combustibles are considered to be inherently dangerous and cannot be stored within a storage facility.


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